Our History

Safety Restraint Systems was established in 1988 and was incorporated on November 11, 1993. Prior to the incorporation, the company had spent 5 years in research and development with the auto insurance industry, several body shops, and various manufacturers. This was done to confirm that airbags were here to stay, not just a fad to be phased out.

A portion of this time was also spent in doing market surveys determining if there would be a viable service oriented business that could be developed into a franchiseable business. SRS Inc® was also in the process of trade marking for North America which takes a great deal of time and funds. We did not want to release the name and take a chance of having it copied. We are presently trademarking in the balance of the world so to open new market places for the company in the future.

Presently, we deal with insurance companies and large, well-established automobile dealers and body shops as we have been doing for the past 1996 years.

We feel that there is a great opportunity for any individual with little or no automotive background and limited financing to enter into this industry which has tremendous growth potential. We feel anyone purchasing a franchise at this stage of development will have made a wise financial move which will bring him or her good financial rewards in the future. The market share of airbags in vehicles today is approximately 40% with a growth potential of 12% to 15% annually from 1997 to the year 2000. With the market not yet fully developed, this gives any individual great investment potential. This of course is combined with substantial earning capacity and good return on investment, if they decide to sell their franchise.

With an individual getting in early, he or she can develop their territories with little competition. For SRS Inc® is one of a few airbag replacement companies in North America that works on site, and are preferred with the large insurance companies and automotive repair establishments.